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The Five-String Banjo-Tam
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Five-String Banjo-Tam Audio Samples

Boil Them Cabbage
Just Foolin' Around
Old Joe Clark


My name is Frank Abrams, and I am the inventor of the Banjo-Tam. The Banjo-Tam is a series of string musical instruments incorporating tambourines as the head or "pot." The first ones were put together on my kitchen table. A United States Patent was granted, No. 6,156,960. The name "Banjo-Tam" is protected by U.S. Trademark. The Five-String Banjo-Tam is directed to the player who wants something novel, something new, or something just to fool around with. I come from a musical family. An older brother of mine was a national banjo champion, who passed away. I have always fooled around with various musical instruments myself. I developed the Banjo-Tam not only with his memory in mind, but also in the hopes that the joy and happiness that these wonderful instruments provide would affect you as they have me.

How to Play the Banjo-Tam:
The Five-String instrument can be played in a variety of styles, from Bluegrass to Clawhammer. The tambourine head can be banged, tapped, or you can just let it jingle sympathetically. I've even had good luck muting the strings at the 12th or 14th fret and rhythmically tapping the head itself. The only limit is your talent and inspiration.

Five-String Specs: (Now with or without jingles)
Scale: 25.5"   Length: 36"   Width: 11.5"   "Pot:" 10.25"
Uses Light-Guage Ball End Strings
Suggested Retail $159.95

Banjo-Tams are manufactured in China
Frank Abrams, President and General Manager
Banjo-Tam, L.L.C.

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